Truda Chadwick

Doco, Retail, Corporate, Smooth

Voice of Fuji Films, Jaguar, Rover and Anchor Milk, to name a few. Truda has a wide range to her voice repertoire covering more than just TV & Radio commericals. Her documentary and series work includes - 'Gang Girls', 'Wahine Toa', 'White Crosses', 'Two Fat Ladies' and soon to air in mid-2005 'Special Investigators'. Truda voiced the Promax Award winning TV One News Promotion, she is the welcoming voice heard on Air NZ flights and also has experience in IVR voice recording for companies such as Bluestone Mortgages and Child Youth & Family. From the refined and upperclass to the basic New Zild 'Sheila', to accurate & controlled Maori & Polynesian pronunciation. Truda has a clear and concise yet warm neutral accent. She is also nationally known as a jazz and country/blues singer.

Main Reel