Kate Stalker

Retail, Rich, Narration, Corporate

Having an Actor for a Father and an Actor/Singer for a Mother made it inevitable that Kate would end up doing something Artsy Fartsy. Spending her own ‘Grown Up’ life as a singer, she was naturally drawn into voice work. Over the years her voice has hosted NZ Music show Frenzy (disguised cunningly as a pair of sultry lips), straightened up and announced a NZ Music Awards, breathed it’s way through a good few sexy commercials in the nineties and various other fabulously voicey pursuits. Growing up in the depths of gloriously multi cultural Auckland, she is adept at the pronunciation of Maori and Polynesian words and loves to have a play with any accent she can get her hands (er, voice) on. She likes to play it straight at times too. Always happy and willing to give anything a go and with a voice limber enough to match.

Main Reel