Anna Hewlett

Retail, Youthful, Character, Accents

Anna grew up on a farm where she developed a love of make believe. She made a great Toad of Toad Hall and a very scary gremlin. When she was grown up she found herself at Toi Whakaari-New Zealand Drama School. Here she got to sing and dance and create characters all day long for 3 whole years! And once she left drama school she discovered she could actually get paid to pretend! This was a real treat and she found herself acting in grown up stories such as Hamlet and Macbeth with Michael Hurst and singing and dancing in crazy shows like Hair and The Rocky Horror Picture Show with ATC. She became known for her versatility and character work and her well oiled articulators. Anna has just returned home from her OE where she pretended to be a Londoner.

Main Reel