Millen Baird

Upbeat, Kiwi, Retail, Smooth, Comedy, Character

Millen graduated with an acting degree from the Unitec School of Performing and Screen arts in 1999. In 2007, he created the sketch comedy series The Millen Baird Show for TV3, which was nominated Best Comedy show at the 2009 NZ Film and TV Awards. In 2011, he co-created the web series Auckland Daze for TVNZ, which won Best Comedy Script at the 2012 and 2014 NZ Writers Guild Awards. In 2017, he released the web series Darryl. An Outward Bound Story for TVNZ, which the NZ Herald called ' a rare comedy gem'. Millen and frequent collaborator, John Argall, won Best Comedy Script at the NZ Writers Guild Awards and the 2017 NZTV Awards. In 2018, Millen and John released the web series , Leeway, which aired on Radio Hauraki and Air NZ. In 2019, Millen wrote, directed and acted in Darryl, a Beach to Snow Story for TVNZ On Demand. In 2021, he co-produced the short film Manny and Quinn, written and directed by Siobhan Marshall.

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