Terry Christie

Wellington based, Mature, Smooth, Retail, Soft Sell, Accents

Terry has spent 50 years or so in advertising and marketing and his experience includes a fair amount of writing and producing.  He's worked with a lot of the great voices so knows how a voice can help make a script work.  Sometimes, to get emphasis right, he ended up reading some of his own scripts and clients liked his work. Has also narrated a fair number of client presentations.  Now taking life easy Terry misses working with ads and recording and welcomes the chance offered by Word of Mouth to keep his voice in use.  He can sound up market if required and also has a good ear for accents so if you want an accent copied he's worth a try.  While not ideally suited to fast hard sell scripts if you want a mature, classically trained voice Terry offers something a little unique.

Main Reel

Phone +64 9 360 1990    Email info@wom.co.nz