Jamie Linehan

Character, Corporate, Retail

Jamie is something of a human jukebox - if you give him money he'll pretty much make whatever sound you want.  Hard-sell, Soft-sell, Narration, Character, Accents even Jingle Singing - Jamie is proficiant at all of it.  Having been in broadcasting for close to two decades, Jamie has amassed a lengthy back catalogue of work for clients like, Rebel Sport, State Insurance and CCF.
Jamie is currently the corporate voice for TV FOUR and comedy series Jono and Ben at Ten, where he provides a wide range vocal work, including character voices and singing.  With a wealth of experience in the voice both, Jamie takes direction well and will work to his upmost to get you the results you're after.

Main Reel

Phone +64 9 360 1990    Email info@wom.co.nz