Katherine McRae

Wellington based, Retail, Corporate, Narrative, Character

Actor and director Katherine McRae has been busy with voice work since the mid-1990s. She is best known for her role as Brenda in "Shortland Street" and she went on to become a director of the show. She voices the character of Rosie the cow for Dairy NZ  and until recently she was commonly heard as part of the Telecom telephone system. Now she and her family have moved back to Wellington. One of her most enjoyable jobs was playing various characters for the animatic of "Lord of the Rings" and being part of their Loop Group. Over the years she has been in plays and read short stories for Radio NZ, voiced an audio tour for the Interislander, narrated the television series "From Here to Maternity" and the documentary "Children of Gallipoli" as well as numerous advertisements for radio and television

Phone +64 9 360 1990    Email info@wom.co.nz